“Great Wall” Heads For A $75 Million Loss

The future of U.S.-China co-productions has taken a big hit with the failure of the Matt Damon-led “The Great Wall” likely ending up with losses of more than $75 million reports THR.

To date the film has pulled in $171 million in China, way less than investors had anticipated, and an utterly woeful $34.8 million in North America. Universal Pictures alone, who funded 25% of the film’s $150 million production budget and $80 million+ for the film’s global marketing expenses, is expected to be on the hook for at least $10 million.

Globally the film is expected to finish up at around $320 million. If the film generates hoped-for ancillary revenue from home entertainment sales, the damage could be mitigated to some extent.

Not helping is that reviews for the film were notably terrible with the movie scoring just 42/100 on Metacritic.