Gray Talks “Fate of the Furious” Director’s Cut

F. Gary Gray’s “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth film in the long-running car-centric action series, arrives on home video next week with an unrated Director’s Cut running a full thirteen minutes longer.

So what does the new footage entail? More chases, more references to family, and more baby oil? Speaking with Cinema Blend this week, Gray says the longer cut is his preferred version of the movie and explains the differences that fans can expect:

“It’s 13 minutes longer, and it’s more action, more humor. We’re able to give a couple moments, dramatic moments, the room to breathe a little more. In certain ways I’ve improved certain performances, and not only enhanced, but added action sequences. I love humor — comedy and humor. It’s kind of my favorite thing. So to add in jokes, some of the jokes are a little edgy.”

Asked as to why the new cut is unrated and if there’s anything in it that would’ve pushed the film into a full R-rating, Gray says:

“No, [it’s not really R-rating worthy]. But we have conversations with the studio about the tone of the movie. This is probably the most adult tone-wise in the franchise. We push it a little more with the stuff that’s cut out. I’m happy about it; we’ll see what happens.”

He goes on to explain the main difference is that of pacing, with the film’s third act scoring the most additional footage to flesh out certain sequences:

“We shot a lot in Iceland, which was the Russia sequence. So there were big chunks of the Russia sequence we had to cut out just to keep the pacing going.

It’s in the third act, the movie has a lot of momentum. And while I didn’t put everything back in, there’s more Tyrese, the Roman character with the Lamborghini and the submarine. Just more cool stuff!

We enhanced the New York sequence with the car hacking, things like that. There are a couple enhanced moments in Cuba as well. So I think people will definitely notice. Some of the stuff you won’t really notice, but it will feel a little different — but in a good way.”

“The Fate of the Furious” comes to DVD, Blu-ray and rental VOD on July 11th.