Grandmothers, “Mule,” “Patrick” Get Funding

Screen Australia is pumping $17 million into several local TV productions and numerous feature films, a move that is said to be a trigger for up to $100 million worth of production going forward reports iF Magazine.

The films include “The Grandmothers,” “The Mule,” “Patrick” and “These Final Hours”. The Andrew Mason-produced ‘Grandmothers’ is described as an erotic tale about two lifelong friends (Naomi Watts, Robin Wright) who fall in love with each other’s teenage sons (Xavier Samuel, James Frecheville).

“The Mule” is a black comedy about an unlikely drug mule from Victoria. Leigh Whannell stars in the film while he and his “Insidious” co-star Angus Sampson co-wrote and will co-produce.

“Patrick” is a re-imagining of the 1978 cult Aussie thriller about a comatose young man with psychokinetic powers who falls for a nurse and uses his powers to both control the men in her life and ward off the hospital’s bitter matron.

Zak Hilditch’s apocalyptic thriller ‘Final Hours’ about a young man who finds redemption helping a little girl search for her father on the last day on Earth.

There’s also Paul Currie’s New York-set high-concept psychological thriller “2.22”, and the telemovie “Underground” about the early life of Julian Assange.