Grace, Denisof, Goodacre Join Netflix’s “Sabrina”

Grace Denisof Goodacre Join Netflixs Sabrina

Mckenna Grace, Alexis Denisof and Jedidiah Goodacre have joined Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. Grace will appear in the upcoming holiday episode, while Denisof and Goodacre will join Part 2 of the first season as recurring guest stars.

Grace (“The Haunting of Hill House”) will guest star as Li’l Sabrina, a dead ringer for Kiernan Shipka’s teenage Sabrina, as we see what Sabrina was like as a precocious pre-teen witch who goes out of her way to ask Santa for something special.

Denisof (“Angel”) will play Adam Masters, boyfriend of Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez). Handsome and charming, he returns to Greendale after a stint overseas working with Physicians Without Frontiers – unaware of his fiance’s possession.

Goodacre (“The Originals”) will play enigmatic warlock Dorian Gray, the owner of an exclusive nightclub. Just like the famed literary character, his age is undetermined and he has a cursed portrait he hides from prying eyes.

The holiday special debuts December 14th on Netflix. The second half of the first season has yet to set a premiere date.

Source: Deadline