Goyer Talks The Rise Of Two-Face

Will we see Two-Face in “The Dark Knight” or not? Hard to tell from a recent interview that scribe David Goyer gave to Sci-Fi Wire.

When “Batman Begins” came out, Goyer indicated he and director Chris Nolan had planned to use The Joker as the antagonist for the second film, and Two-Face for the third.

Aaron Eckhart’s casting as District Attorney Harvery Dent in the ‘Knight’ entitled sequel seemed to follow this pattern – establishing the character and allowing us to know him for his human side before he becomes the duplicitous acid-scarred gangster.

The only question of course has become – when will the famous ‘acid in the face’ moment come. Will it be this film, or the next, and if this film – whereabouts in it? Generally speaking many assumed the scarring and reveal of Two-Face would be the film’s cliffhanger coda, much like the Joker card was in ‘Begins’.

However it may not be that simple after all. Goyer says “I think Harvey Dent has been mentioned…I don’t know that Two-Face has been mentioned…All I can say is some people raised their eyebrows when they heard there were going to be two villains in the first film [Batman Begins], but I think that one worked out just fine.”

So its definitely two villains for ‘Knight’, the question now becomes does that include ‘Two-Face’ as well? For now we all wait for an inevitable script review to hit the web and finally reveal something.