Goyer, Snyder, Cavill Talk “Man of Steel”

Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and screenwriter David Goyer all spoke about the upcoming Superman reboot “Man of Steel” recently, in the process revealing a couple of new tidbits. In regards to the film’s level of secrecy, Goyer tells Total Film:

“It’s something Chris [Nolan] tried hard to do with the Batman films. I’m genuinely pleased with how much secrecy we’ve been able to maintain. There’s so much of the movie that people don’t know, that hasn’t been touched upon. The trailer’s just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg.”

He also says that the tone was a big issue to get right – bringing the grounded realism of Nolan’s Batman universe, but not incorporating its dark and bleaker aspects.

“Relatable and realistic doesn’t necessarily mean dark. I think it would be inappropriate for us to approach a Superman film as if we were doing The Dark Knight. The Batman films are a lot more nihilistic; Superman has always been a story about hope.”

Snyder says the aim was to make a Superman movie where he does stuff that we would all do if we had those powers – “Even though he’s an alien, he’s more relatable, more human.”

Cavill adds: “This is a Superman for a modern age. it’s not betraying anything that Superman is, but it is grounding everything in reality. it’s the story of this incredible being who can do incredible things, but whom we can associate with. Because he’s gone through troubling stuff and had to make tough choices.”

A bunch of photo scans from TF’s recent feature article on the film have gone online via io9. Check them out below:

Sources: Total Film and io9