Gotham Villain-Themed Teaser & Pilot Review

FOX has unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming Batman prequel series “Gotham”. Whilst previous trailers have shown off various scenes from the pilot episode, this one is a specially crafted piece with only a few scant bits from said pilot.

Most of it has been specially created for this trailer which focuses on three key villains – the young Penguin (Robin Taylor), young Catwoman (Camren Bicondova) and the crime boss Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) along with a brief glimpse of our hero cops Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue).

Several reviews of the pilot have already ended up online, one friend sent me his to share:

“The pilot is not as good as the gushing reviews would have you believe, but as network pilots go there probably won’t be a better one this season. Certainly it paves a very good foundation that could blossom into something pretty great if handled right.

Production values are excellent, the storyline and case is handled well, the tone is spot on, and I love the way it feels out of time with not a computer, cellphone or flatscreen in sight. The cast is quite strong across the board with the young Bruce Wayne, Penguin and Bullock in particular being highlights. Even Smith and the actress playing Gordon’s wife prove a lot better than I expected.

The few minor problems it does have are common to network pilots – it’s over edited, there’s some clunky dialogue (WAY too many Jim Gordon introductions in the first 15 minutes), and one or two supporting turns aren’t quite right like the future Riddler played like a ‘flaming queen’ stereotype out of an old sitcom. It’s also obvious and forced with its references which could easily be reigned in and I expect will be in the regular episodes.”