“Gotham” Trailer Teases Killing Joke & More

Following this week’s explosive episode, FOX has released a new white-band trailer for next week’s “Gotham” with the clip putting the focus on Jerome Valeska’s brother Jeremiah who has emerged as what looks to be the show’s version of The Joker.

Unlike his wild and psychotic brother, who met his fate falling off a building, Jeremiah is far more dangerous – a highly intelligent and completely sane psychopath with plans to blow up the city. He may well achieve that with the season finale titled “No Man’s Land” after the iconic comic storyline.

Next week’s penultimate episode, titled ‘One Bad Day,’ appears to be inspired by “The Killing Joke” storyline though swaps out Commissioner Gordon for a young Bruce Wayne whom Jeremiah tries to turn mad. The clip starts out with a recap of the Jeremiah storyline in its first half before showcasing plenty of new footage in the second half.

“Gotham” airs Thursdays with the finale to air on May 17th.