“Gotham” Set Pics Hint At The Joker


Some new behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the fourth season of FOX’s “Gotham” have revealed Cameron Monaghan looking more like iconic Batman villain The Joker than ever before.

The producers of the series have been suggesting that Monaghan’s character Jerome isn’t the show’s take on the Joker, despite the obvious similarities. They’ve also indicated they will be playing their hand and revealing the real The Joker this season.

Now comes these photos which show Monaghan with the pale white face and red lips in line with the character. Also, the facial scarring from Jerome’s disfigurement last season appears to be missing here.

Could Jerome have a twin? Has he had surgery or an accident which both rendered him pale AND fixed his skin? We’ll see. The series aired its fifteenth episode of the season last night and will run uninterrupted every week until the season finale on May 10th.

Source: Spoiler TV