Gotham Seeks A Young Bruce Wayne

A report from the other day has now been confirmed – we won’t be seeing Batman make an appearance in Fox’s upcoming “Gotham” TV series for at least a few years it seems.

Fox made a direct-to-series commitment for the show earlier this year, guaranteeing the live-action drama will hit the air. The action follows Gotham City PD rookie homicide detective Jim Gordon, showing how he came to be commissioner, along with the emergence of the famous villains of the city.

Today, TV Show Auditions have posted that they are casting a key regular role for the series – Bruce Wayne. The catch? Bruce is just 10 years old, seemingly confirming that the case Gordon investigates in the pilot will be the killing of Bruce’s parents Thomas and Martha Wayne.

“The Mentalist” creator Bruno Heller is producing the series and shooting on the pilot begins in March.