“Gotham” S5 To Include Decade Time Jump

Gotham S5 To Include Decade Time Jump

It’s now official, “Nikita” actor Shane West will be playing Bane in the final season of FOX’s “Gotham” with the confirmation coming during the show’s New York Comic Con panel on Sunday morning.

Showrunner John Stephens says they’ve been asking to use Bane since the first season but weren’t allowed until Fox knew this fifth season would be the show’s last and so have taken the last of their restrictions away. In fact, the show’s eighth episode will be titled “I Am Bane”.

The season sees West’s Eduardo Dorrance leading a team of elite soldiers to help reclaim the No Man’s Land Gotham has turned into following the events of the fourth season finale. It’s also confirmed there’ll be a fight between Bane and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) that could include a spin on the most famous moment from the ‘Knightfall’ storyline.

Two other big reveals took place – the Joker might be getting a girlfriend, but the words Harley Quinn are never explicitly said. The biggest surprise though? The tenth episode will take place a decade into the future which pretty much guarantees we’ll see Batman in full flight.

The final season is expected to air in January.

Source: TV.com