“Gotham” S4.5 Trailer: Adult Ivy & Batman Tease

FOX’s “Gotham” has been on a long break, but is set to return with the second half of its fourth season on March 1st.

To tease the return, FOX has unveiled an extended trailer which consists of a three-minute recap of the season so far, followed by a slightly over two minute sneak peek at the new episodes.

The biggest reveal is that of Peyton List as the new Poison Ivy who, having consumed DNA-changing chemicals, emerges as a fully grown woman seemingly complete with Ivy’s full powers.

Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome is also heavily present, proving to be the new thorn in the side of the incarcerated Penguin. There’s also the strongest Batman hints yet with Bruce Wayne seeing a dark Batman figure in his dreams, along with teaming up with Selena.

Finally, it appears as though Alexander Siddig’s Ra’s al Ghul may not be as dead as we might have thought.