“Gotham” S3 Poster Teases Court Of Owls

Teased in the second season finale, FOX has released the Comic-Con poster for the upcoming third season of “Gotham” which boasts a Court of Owls mask – the visage of a group of elite who run Gotham from the shadows.

Executive producer John Stephens tells Zap2It: “We will dive much more deeply into them in Season 3. The Court of Owls, this sort of illuminati group that’s been pulling the strings behind Gotham for centuries and might be the real culprits in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, among other things.”

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo created the group in the comics five years ago, quickly becoming a fan-favorite villain group who operate from the shadows of Gotham and send out their trademark assassin, The Talon, to do their bidding.

Other new villains this year include The Mad Hatter, Solomon Grundy, and a now reborn and more grown-up Poison Ivy. The new season returns September 19th.