Gotham S2 To Be Much More Serialized

Ben McKenzie says that when “Gotham” returns this week, expect it to have a whole new feel including a darker tone and a shift away from the more procedural ‘villain-of-the-week’ style elements. The actor tells EW:

“It is a very very different show. It is almost completely serialized. We’re aiming for a grander, saga-type construction in which we can actually sit with the characters and understand their motivations and how the turbulence of their lives affects the greater landscape.”

Executive producer Danny Cannon talked about how this more serialized format means we’ll be getting lots more villains:

“What we’ve done is up the ante level. Now that we have the confidence of the world, we can start to add characters. So when we call this season the rise of the villains, it’s very much that. More villains move in to take their piece of the pie and Gordon has to go to very extreme measures to quell the chaos that ensues.”

McKenzie adds that Cameron Monaghan’s ‘proto-Joker’ style Jerome, who only appeared in one episode last year, will be a big draw in the new episodes:

“You’re going to want to watch the first episodes. Jerome is very much in those, and Cameron Monaghan does an absolutely fantastic job in the role. I think it will give the show the shot of adrenaline that it needs coming back into Season 2.”

“Gotham” is set to return to screens this coming Monday September 21st on FOX.