Gotham Promo Spoils Joker’s Debut?

Not long ago “Gotham” show runner Bruno Heller teased that sometime later this season we would see just a hint of Batman’s most iconic nemesis The Joker sometime during this season. A new FOX promo for next week’s episode ‘The Blind Fortune Teller’ however suggests the cat is out of the bag.

The episode introduces The Flying Graysons (Robin’s parents), but the promo is all about hinting that the early version of The Joker is coming to the show and ends with a shot of 21-year-old “Shameless” and “The Giver” actor Cameron Monaghan as a character named Jerome who is being questioned by James Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie). He breaks out into a shriek of laughter.

Could this be a piece of misdirection on the network’s part, or did they cut a promo that essentially ruins what would have otherwise been a fun surprise? We’ll get a better idea next week.