“Gotham” Flash Forward Set Photos

Gotham Flash Forward Set Photos

Most of the upcoming fifth and final season of FOX’s darkly camp Batman prequel series takes place just over a month after the events of the fourth season finale – 45 days into ‘No Man’s Land’ with the city cut off from the rest of the world and the criminals are now running the show.

However, we also know that we’ll see scenes set nearly a decade into the future when Batman is out there in full effect and with that will come some of the villains we know finally being shown off in their full comics form. Today some set photos have gone up showing what appears to be series regulars The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) and The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) in their final incarnations.

Also out today is a brief new promo for the new episodes, this one an entirely Scarecrow-centric version. “Gotham” returns in January.