Gosling, Refn Team For A Third Project

When they’re not getting friendly in a Garth-style way on the red carpet, Ryan Gosling and Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn have been speaking with the press and have revealed they’re looking to team up yet again.

At the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of their already highly acclaimed and much buzzed about thriller “Drive” on Friday night, Refn told 24 Frames that “We’re doing a comedy, and Albert Brooks promised he’d write the screenplay, Well, that’s not exactly true. But print it and we’ll make it true… It’s a romantic comedy set in New York, which seems like a great place to start.”

Gosling later added “We’re definitely going to do a comedy, and we’re trying desperately to get [Brooks] to write it.” The project would mark the third potential collaboration of the pair following on from “Drive” and the in development remake of “Logan’s Run” which both are attached to. “Drive” opens September 16th.