Gordon-Levitt To Star & Direct “Sandman”?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is closing a deal to produce the “Sandman” movie at Warner Bros. Pictures. David Goyer, who pitched his treatment for the Neil Gaiman comic book classic, will also produce.

Gordon-Levitt’s deal is also said to attach him to play the titular protagonist, and he’s eyeing the project as a potential directing vehicle. A writer for the project will be hired shortly.

Both big and small screen adaptations of Gaiman’s comic has long been in development, but none have ever really gotten anywhere despite some major names being involved. The property’s format is also tricky to adapt – the elaborate story arcs too complicated and lengthy to play out on film, but the dense and rich visual world is to expensive to produce as a TV series.

The 75-issue comic follows Dream (aka. Morpheus), the Lord of the dream world who is held captive for seven decades by an occult ritual. Having escaped, his kingdom has fallen into disrepair in his absence and he sets about changing his old ways – hard for a being who has been around for billions of years.

The series features various elements of mythology, horror, historical events and absurdist humor. Characters include Dream’s siblings such as his gothic punk rocker looking sister Death, his talking animal assistants, and the immortal The Corinthian who has two mouths for eyes.

Source: Deadline