Gordon-Levitt To Play Edward Snowden?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“The Dark Knight Rises”) is being sought to play Edward Snowden in a film that Oliver Stone and Moritz Borman will produce.

Stone and Borman have closed a deal with Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, for the film rights to his novel “Time Of The Octopus”. They’ve also scored the screen rights to Guardian journalist Luke Harding’s “The Snowden Files”.

The story will deal with the American whistle blower who heads to Russia and the back and forth between the leaker and his lawyer as he waits while that country considers his request for asylum

Filming aims to begin in December in Munich. Gordon-Levitt recently wrapped Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk” and is currently reuniting with Seth Rogen on “Xmas” as Sony.

Source: Deadline