Gordon-Levitt NOT Falcone After All?

Right now only a few select people have any true idea what’s going on with the script of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

As a result, information and misinformation is flying thick and fast about the project with those actually involved in it responsible for quite a bit of misinformation out there.

On Friday Joseph Gordon-Levitt was confirmed to have joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman flick. Over the weekend Variety reported that an insider source of theirs had confirmed that he will be playing Alberto Falcone, aka The Holiday Killer.

Now, Entertainment Weekly says an inside source of their own has confirmed that the Falcone rumor is “100% false” and we won’t likely know what role he will play until close to the film’s release date.

Meanwhile another wild rumor that has emerged is that actress Juno Temple, who is in negotiations to play a Gotham street youth, may actually be playing a female version of Robin akin to the Carrie Kelly character in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”.