Gordon-Levitt Is King Of Uncertainty

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has booked starring roles in back-to-back features says The Hollywood Reporter.

First is “The Deep End” writer/directors David Siegel and Scott McGehee’s “Uncertainty,” which is set on the Fourth of July and revolves around a young couple in New York faced with having to make an important decision.

The film is split into two versions (ala “Sliding Doors”), presenting a new series of unexpected choices the characters make, dialogue will be developed in collaboration with the actors. Shooting is under way in New York.

Gordon-Levitt will then do Intermedia and GreeneStreet Films’ coming-of-age dramedy “The Frog King” later this fall. Darren Star (“Sex and the City”) will direct the film, which Bret Easton Ellis adapted from a novel by Adam Davies.

Gordon-Levitt will play an educated wannabe writer slaving away as a peon at a New York publishing house. The one bright spot in his life is his girlfriend, whom he loses and then has to win back.