Gordon-Levitt: “Dark Knight Rises” Is A Perfect Ending

Even before it began production, filmmaker Christopher Nolan made it quite clear that he came back for 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises” because it wasn’t going to be just another chapter in a long-running series. Instead it was to be a proper finale and trilogy capper to the two masterpieces of the superhero genre he’d directed earlier – 2005’s “Batman Begins” and 2008’s “The Dark Knight”.

The third film, the most contentious of the three in terms of reaction, certainly ends the story of Bruce Wayne’s time with Batman but also includes a coda which sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake stepping into the Batcave presumably to assume the mantle of Batman. Did Gordon-Levitt ever want to see Blake become Batman?

Out doing promotional rounds for “Snowden” this week, the actor said a flat ‘no’ to that question, adding that the ending they did was the most fitting conclusion for Nolan’s vision as any further would’ve been unnecessary:

“I know we’re all used to the sort of Marvel movies, which are just kind of endless series. They don’t really have a beginning, middle, and end. But I think Nolan very much thought of that movie as a conclusion, and there’s a theme that runs through all three of those movies that begins in the first movie, runs through the second movie and it concludes in that moment where he says that Batman is more than a man, Batman is a symbol. And so to have another man other than Bruce Wayne kind of becoming Batman at the end of that trilogy, I think that’s the perfect ending to that story.”

Gordon-Levitt’s role in Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” will be seen when that film hits cinemas on September 16th.