Goose’s Son Is Key In “Top Gun” Sequel

It turns out the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel will use the progeny of one of the original’s key characters to serve as something of a minor antagonist.

That Hashtag Show has posted an apparent casting breakdown for the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” which indicates that that son of Anthony Edwards’ character Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw will play a part in the follow-up.

Named Wrigley, the twenty something is an Ivy League grad who boasts All-American good looks and has a lot in common with Tom Cruise’s Maverick, despite him resenting Maverick whom he blames for his father’s death which was a key element of the plot of the first film.

Another character is Penny Benjamin, a single mother in her forties or early fifties who ‘has been around pilots all her life’ and serves as the love interest for Maverick this time around. She also has a young 10-12 year old daughter named Miriam.

In the new film Maverick has become a flight instructor and mentor to the next generation of hotshot pilots. Students in his class include codenames like a loner latina named ‘Sugar’, a competitive southener named ‘Kanses’, a nerdy type named ‘otter’, a tough young woman called ‘Drone’, and a burly earnest type named ‘Shotgun’.

There’s also a no-nonsense Texan admiral character named Robby ‘Caspar’ Benamin, who is also Penny’s older brother and not a fan of Maverick. He has a slightly younger offsider, a two-star general named Boyd.

Eric Warren Singer penned the new film which Joseph Kosinski is slated to direct – the pair having just collaborated on the true story-based firefighter drama “Only the Brave” which opened this month to strong reviews. Filming on “Top Gun: Maverick” begins next year.