Gooey Details On The Blob Remake

“House of Wax” & “The Reaping” screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes have been given the job of writing the script for a remake of “The Blob”.

The 1958 original starred a young Steve McQueen, and was remade in 1988 with Kevin Dillon. Twenty years on comes this version which changes the backstory of the sentient amorphous substance.

“It’s a B.L.O.B: Biological Lethal Organic Bomb. It was created by our own government in the 50s, they beta tested it, it almost got out of control, but they confined it. Now it’s back. But it’s a fast blob, there’s nothing slow, it’s got major attitude. It’s like Shaun of the Dead or Tremors” said the Hayes brothersto Bloody-Disgusting.

The brothers also say that the story features an ensemble cast with a female lead.