Good Wife Actor Joins “Halo” Film

Mike Colter (“The Good Wife,” “The Following”) is set to star in the “Halo” live-action digital feature project for 343 Industries, Xbox Entertainment Studios and Scott Free Productions.

Not to be confused with the Steven Spielberg-produced “Halo” TV series in development, this film is being penned by “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring and is expected to debut before the end of the year.

The movie will follow a similar format to the “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” web series and follows a 26th century surgically-enhanced super soldier, though not the famed Master Chief of the video game series.

Colter is expected to play Marlowe, a rising star in a futuristic army who is troubled by aspects of the military industrial complex he inhabits. Approaching combat situations with caution and logic, he inspires loyalty in his fellow Spartans.

Sergio Mimica-Gezzan helms the film which Ridley Scott and David Zucker will executive produce.

Source: The Wrap