Good Dinosaur To Be Pixar’s First Flop?

After sixteen films, Pixar might finally be facing one of its first misfires with Variety reporting that the recently released “The Good Dinosaur” is “shaping up to be Pixar’s first box office failure.”

With a production budget of $200 million and a further $150 million spent on marketing, analysts have indicated the film has to make $500 million at the global box-office to break even theatrically.

At present, the film has made just $131.3 million globally and is already fading faster than Pixar’s other fare in the markets it has already opened in. Scoring soft reviews, it also opened to just $39.1 million in its initial weekend before dropping by more than 60% in its second weekend. Most Pixar’s fall less than 50% in the same period.

MKM Partners analyst Erik Handler says: “It’s not resonating like a typical Pixar film. It’s on a path where they’re going to need home entertainment to drive profitability. Usually with Pixar, by the time they’ve gone through the first [release] window, they’re in the black.”

At this point the film is lookling unlikely to pass the $400 million mark, which would make it the company’s lowest grossing film since 1998’s “A Bug’s Life”. However, there’s still several major markets left to open including much of Asia and Oceania, but a Chinese release date has yet to be secured.

The film’s merchandising and home entertainment sales should make up for the shortfall, and the film’s fate stands in direct contrast to Pixar’s “Inside Out” which sits atop many critics list and has amassed over $850 million worldwide.