Gondry Abandons “Ubik” Film Adaptation

Michel Gondry has abandoned his plans to helm a film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s metaphysical sci-fi/comed novel “Ubik” for Film Rites and Anonymous Content.

The story follows a man who works at a security firm that specialises in blocking telepathic spying and other paranormal dirty tricks. When a job on the Moon leads to the death of the firm’s head Glen Runciter, fragments of reality begin to slip back into the past.

Soon, messages from Runciter end up appearing all over the place, as do ads for a rare drug named Ubik. The chilling solution to the mystery is quite unexpected.

Announced three years ago, Steve Zaillian was slated to produce the film. However, speaking with Telerama, Gondry says that essentially the complicated book is essentially unfilmable:

“The book is brilliant, but it’s good as a literary work. Having tried to adapt it with several screenwriters… at the moment I don’t feel up to doing it. It doesn’t have the dramatic structure that would make it a good film. I received a script that disheartened me a bit, and that was it. It was a dream, but in life you can’t always have what you want.”

Gondry’s Noam Chomsky documentary “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” is due out soon.