Golden Girls Were Cut From “Ralph” Sequel

Golden Girls Were Cut From Ralph Sequel

With “Ralph Breaks the Internet” now in cinemas, co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston have revealed details of an awesome but tragically cut cameo from the film – one that would’ve had some talking and some scratching their heads.

In the film, Ralph and Vanellope visit the website, a Disney online destination with content based on the company’s entire catalogue. According to the directors, this was ripe for a great cameo in-joke involving four iconic sitcom stars. They tell Yahoo:

Johnston: “As we were studying the OhMy.Disney website … The Golden Girls were weirdly prominent throughout. They really lean in on that website to The Golden Girls. A lot of quizzes, a lot of lists… So in an early animatic of the film, the Golden Girls themselves – Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia – appeared in the scene. We threw it in the movie animatic and people were like, ‘What?!””

Moore: “It was a little confusing. If you were not familiar with the website, it was a bit confusing.”

Johnston: “You’re asking my regrets when I’m on my deathbed? [Smiling] It’s that – that the Golden Girls are not in this movie.”

“The Golden Girls” remains one of the most popular 1980s sitcoms that’s still thriving, the show going past its target generation and being a big hit with millennials and teenagers today. For those who’ve never seen it, some clips below: