Goldblum Gets His Own ‘Team Thor’ Short

In the lead up to “Thor: Ragnarok,” one of the best pieces of early marketing the film did were the two ‘Team Thor’ shorts – comedy segments in which Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder took up residence in Australia with a roommate named Darryl.

Both were viral hits and well regarded, and now actor Jeff Goldblum has revealed that we’ll see him participate in one as it looks like he’ll be taking up residence as Darryl’s new roommate. Talking with Radio Times, Goldblum was asked where his character of The Grandmaster could go next after this film and he says:

“So what happens? Well, I could go anywhere – I might knock on your door, and say hello. Guess who’s here? I shot a thing with Taika, where there’s a roommate in Australia. I show up at his, and I do knock on his door. And I take up residence in the little flat, as they say here. That’s what I do. And order things from the takeaway restaurant. Buy all the local foods.”

There’s no word as to when the short could debut, most likely closer to the home video release of “Thor: Ragnarok” which will likely be in February/March next year. Goldblum fans will have plenty to satiate them though with “Thor: Ragnarok” hitting cinemas worldwide from today and the United States next Friday.