Goldberg On Wonder Woman Status

Producer Leonard Goldberg (“Charlie’s Angels”), who’s working on the “Wonder Woman” film alongside Joel Silver, tells MTV News that “We’re waiting for the script to come in.”

Goldberg seems reluctant for filmmakers to approach the property with their own ideas after the Joss Whedon debacle – “We’ve tried that route. We’ve had a writer-director work on it. But I’m old school. When we have a script to present to directors, we’ll sit down with them and see who has a take that blows us away.”

What about Silver’s regular collaborators the Wachowski’s? “At one time, Joel [Silver] said they might have an idea. But they got diverted to another project [and] never followed through. There may come a time when they will be focused on ‘Wonder Woman’ and may come up with whatever their take on it was. They’re certainly very talented guys. Their vision for movies — whether they’re successful or not — is always singular.”

Silver purchased a rival WW2-centered “Wonder Woman” script by Matthew Jennison and Matt Strickland a while back and while not using that script, got the pair to work on a new one for him. They’re currently on the second draft using notes from Silver and Goldberg.

Goldberg says “I hope that we don’t finally wind up doing the same story again: Steve Trevor flying, and his plane crashes onto the island [of Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s matriarchal homeland]. He’s supposed to be executed, and she saves his life. Perhaps we’ll do that in a very abbreviated fashion up front, and then come up with a story that no one has seen yet.”

No casting talk is underway yet but Goldber would like to go with an unknown – “People are not, in my opinion, going to come [to the theater] for the actress. They’re going to come for Wonder Woman.”