Godzilla To “Rim” Guillermo del Toro?

Acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has shot down reports that he’s been offered the chance to direct the “Godzilla” reboot currently in development at Legendary Pictures.

“I am not involved in Godzilla at all, I haven’t read it or plan to read it. Nor have I been approached to direct it” del Toro told HitFix this morning, responding to a report from Latino Review.

The original report also cites that the film is being crafted using Travis Beacham’s unrelated spec script “Pacific Rim” as its basis. That story is set on a future Earth under attack from malevolent creatures, so the people of the world band together and use highly advanced technology to thwart the growing menace.

del Toro is currently at work on getting his Lovecraft adaptation “At the Mountains of Madness” going.