“Godzilla” Sequel Draws Mixed Reviews

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The trailers, especially the earliest ones, were great. The poster art has been nothing short of exceptional. But now “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” has been screening for the critics and the reviews have been decidedly mixed.

With 39 reviews counted, Rotten Tomatoes has the film sitting at 56% with an average rating of 5.87/10. That pegs it as the worst of the three Monster-verse films thus far behind “Kong: Skull Island” and the 2014 “Godzilla” reboot which both sit at 75% and around a 6.6/10 average rating.

Praise has been high for the film’s visuals and much bigger focus on the monsters. That said, when it comes to the human elements of the film it’s where it stumbles – the script is said to be pretty terrible, good performers are wasted the action has been slammed as inert and dull despite being painterly in look, and most commonly the roomy 132 minutes runtime has been criticised as being about 20-30 minutes too long.

Here’s a sampling of quotes:

“Fulfils its promise of Titans and destruction, but at the cost of the plot, characters, and emotional investment. You know, the things that actually make a film good. ‘King of the Monsters’ does little to prove that this franchise deserves the chance to fight another day.” – Charles Barfield, The Playlist

“If you’re fine with some incredibly stupid people playing second fiddle to glorious kaiju moments, King of the Monsters will provide one of the best popcorn blockbusters of the summer.” – James Whitbrook, io9

“You won’t feel cheated; at stray moments, you’ll feel the wonder. But for every high point, there’s a moment when the thrill threatens to leak away.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

“Within minutes of the film itself expectations start to dissipate, quickly replaced with crushing disappointment.” – Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

“Of course the monsters should be the stars of a Godzilla movie. But until blockbuster filmmaking goes entirely non-narrative, some attention should be paid to the rest of it as well.” – Katie Rife, AV Club

“It is the first Hollywood production to truly capture the awe, excitement, and lunacy that made so many of us run eagerly to our TVs on Saturday mornings.” – Don Kaye, Den of Geek

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters is not a good movie. In fact, it’s a pretty terrible one. Don’t shoot the messenger, Kaiju fans.” – Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

“The film spits out some of the most iconic monsters in this decades-old cinematic universe, but all of the handsome pixels in the world aren’t enough to prevent this from emerging as an outright monstrosity.” – Tom Beasley, Flickering Myth

“What you’re left with is a catastrophically dumb, thunderously boring blockbuster as numbing and unsatisfying as the worst Transformers movies.” – Ben Travis, Empire

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” opens in cinemas everywhere this Friday.