Godzilla Photos, Reaction, Body Issues

What’s one thing quite different about Gareth Edwards’ upcoming “Godzilla” reboot compared to the other upcoming action blockbusters of the summer? Its level of patience. Modern blockbusters like to start off with a bang, then setup their story, then go back to full-on action again and sustain it up until the end.

“Godzilla” on the other hand takes the more classic monster movie formula like “Jaws” and “Alien” of suspenseful anticipation, teasing and gradually building until the full reveal at least an hour in. Edwards’ talks about his approach with Vulture:

“[If] you throw everything you can at the screen, you’ve got nowhere else to go. [The goal is not] to frustrate the audience, but to tease them. It’s kind of like cinematic foreplay. What we were trying to do when we designed the movie was to incrementally build and build. So hopefully, you get the big climax at the end and it has the maximum power possible-and then it’s the end credits.”

This was talked about in the first reactions to screenings which just took place for select critics. The same outlet says the film follows the recipe of the trailers: “mostly made of mood, serving some striking city visuals and terrified reaction shots with just a sliver of Godzilla himself… [Godzilla] is mostly seen in glimpses until the very end.”

In related news today via THR, Japanese fans of the character have taken to forums to complain about the new monster’s waistline, calling him “an American fatty,” “couch potato Godzilla” and “Marshmallow-Godzilla”. Others were kinder, saying “a spare tire is expected in middle age” and “It looks better than the last Hollywood Godzilla.”

Finally, Warners and Legendary have released 27 stills for the film, some are familiar and some brand new. Check them out in the gallery below.