Goddard Offers “Robopocalypse” Film Update

Two years ago came word that the Steven Spielberg-directed adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s “Robopocalypse” was indefinitely postponed by DreamWorks and the director due to sript and budgetary issues. At the time, Spielberg didn’t feel the project was ready to go.

Now, screenwriter Drew Goddard (“The Martian,” “Marvel’s Daredevil”) has spoken with Creative Screenwriting about his time on the film and says the experience was a positive one and suggests one day the film could still happen:

“It’s always positive. You know going in with screenwriting that it’s a volatile business and you have to take the long view rather than the short view. There are so many times when projects don’t go at a certain release date but find a better home later. It’s all about timing. You never want a movie to get made when it’s the wrong time, and these things have a way of working themselves out.

I try to only take projects that I love and that I’m in love with. When you’re in love with it, you don’t really care because you get to write them. I got to work with Steven Spielberg for a year. That’s a dream of mine! [Laughs] It was just a joy to see him in action and learn from him. You’re never going to hear me complain about working with Steven Spielberg.

Especially as a director now, I get it. You never want to start shooting until the project feels right, so you take your time to get it right. I think when you look at it in the short term they can seem like setbacks, but the more I do this the more I realize that what seems like a setback in the moment can also be the best possible thing that happens for a film.”

Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw were originally slated to star in the film about a future overrun by technology.