“God of War” Reviews Are PS4’s Best To Date

Though officially the fourth main title (and eighth game overall) in the series, this year’s “God of War” marks something of a reset of the popular third-person action game series. 2010’s “God of War III” saw the warrior Kratos slaying essentially all of the Olympian Gods, and it wasn’t clear where the story could go from there.

The new “God of War” shifts the action to a decade later in Scandinavia with Kratos now teaching his son Atreus the ways of the world, at the same time getting mixed up in Norse Mythology. The first reviews for the new title have been released today and the results are spectacular.

As of today and with 76 reviews published, the game is currently scoring a stunning 94/100 on Metacritic with every single review a positive one (the lowest score being 80/100). That’s the best scoring video game on any platform in 2018 so far.

Additionally if you take away the remasters of PS3 titles “Grand Theft Auto V” (97) and “The Last of Us” (95), it is the best scoring game PS4 game of all time – just ahead of “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” and “Persona 5” on 93.

Many of the reviews are labelling it one of those games that will define this current generation, and say it retains the hyper-violent, heavy combat and production values of the previous games but also has much more dense and mature storytelling, along with being “extremely well-versed in the language of cinema” and an exploration of both masculinity and being a parent.