“God of War” Emotional Review Reaction

Released in stores today, the PlayStation 4-exclusive “God of War” serves as both an entry point and soft reboot of the popular game series – shifting the story of vengeful warrior Kratos to battling the creatures of Norse mythology after having killed all the Olympian Gods in the last one.

Critical and word-of-mouth reviews are overwhelmingly positive, the game currently sits on a 95/100 Metacritic score. That’s easily the best score of any game released this year so far, the best score for a PS4 exclusive to date, and the second-best score for any PS4 game behind only “Grand Theft Auto V”.

The stellar reception comes after years of long and hard work by the game’s developers and its creative director Cory Barlog. Yesterday, Barlog posted a clip on YouTube filming himself as he looked up the Metacritic score for the first time. His emotional reaction of seeing the score (which was a still stunning 93/100 at the time) is worth watching and has gone viral with over 300,000 having watched it so far.

“God of War” is now available in stores.