God Is A Pre-Teen In Scott’s “Exodus”

God has been played by various actors over the years, but Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Exodus: Gods and Kings” is taking an interesting new direction with its portrayal of the Judeo-Christian deity. In this case, he will be played by eleven-year-old British actor Isaac Andrews.

In the movie, when God speaks directly to Moses, it is through a young boy named Malak (Andrews) according to THR. The boy first meets Moses in front of a burning bush and reappears thereafter to guide and debate Moses, the latter soon realizing the child is speaking as God.

Scott tells the trade: “Sacred texts give no specific depiction of God, so for centuries artists and filmmakers have had to choose their own visual depiction. Malak exudes innocence and purity, and those two qualities are extremely powerful.”

Rabbi David Baron, who consulted on the film, says the film does stray from the Biblical text at times – “They went off the biblical text, but the biblical text was very terse” he says, but adds that “anything that will result in people taking a second look at the text and engaging with the Bible” is worthwhile.