Go Spelunking With Crocs In “Black Water 2”

Altitude Film Sales are set to introduce “Black Water: The Abyss,” a sequel to the 2007 Australian ‘inspired by a true story’ crocodile film, at the upcoming European Film Market in Berlin.

Andrew Traucki and David Nerlich co-wrote and co-directed the original about a family on a fishing tour out in a vast mangrove swamp system in Australia’s Northern Territory when a massive saltwater crocodile capsizes their boat.

Stuck in the branches of half-underwater trees with no way of getting help and with a man-eating crocodile ready to eat them, the group struggle to survive. Though very low budget (made for $700,000), it notably used live crocodiles for almost all of its scenes with very little CGI.

Sarah Smith and Ian John Ridley are writing the sequel which follows an adventure-loving couple convince their friends to explore a remote cave system in the same area as the first film. With a storm approaching, they abseil into the mouth of the cave, which starts to flood, and find themselves threatened by a pack of crocodiles.

Andrew Traucki and Michael Robertson will helm the film which is currently casting. Michael Robertson and Neal Kingston will produce.

Source: Variety