“GLOW” S2 A Small But Important Hit For Netflix

Glow S2 A Small But Important Hit For Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s 1980s wrestling dramedy series “GLOW” premiered June 29th and pulled in 1.33 million U.S. viewers for the premiere episodes in the first three days according to Nielsen estimates.

It’s a number well below breakout hits like “Stranger Things” (15 million) or “13 Reasons Why” (6 million), but in other ways “GLOW” has been a huge success. For starters, it had the highest concentration of viewers aged 18-49 of all original streaming content Nielsen has analyzed to date with 86% of the show’s 700,000 U.S. viewers in those three days being in the demographic.

Additionally, it’s a show beloved by the decidedly affluent with the second season audience sporting a median annual income of $80,200 – behind only “The Crown” ($84.2K) and “House of Cards” ($80.4K). The first season also achieved its highest levels of viewing for 2018 during the season two premiere weekend.

Netflix is expected to have around 1,000 originals in total on the service by the end of 2018, nearly half of which will premiere in the next six months.

Source: Variety