Globes On Hold, Razzies Announced

The Golden Globes might not air in 2012 because a legal dispute is moving at such a snail’s pace that it threatens to keep the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation (HFPA) in court says The New York Times.

Said dispute is between the organizer of the awards and its longtime production firm, Dick Clark Productions (DCP). In mid-November, the HFPA sued DCP, accusing it of absconding with rights to the show by unilaterally reaching a new eight-year broadcast agreement with NBC, the network that currently broadcasts the ceremony. This month, DCP asked for a dismissal.

In court filings last week though, lawyers for both parties said the likely trial date would be either December 1st or March 5th 2012. Neither date would give the group enough time to “take reasonable commercial steps for the production and distribution of the television broadcast”.

In awards news of more immediate concern, M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” and “The Twlight Saga: Eclipse” lead the pack with nine nominations apiece for this year’s Razzie Awards.

Celebrating the worst in cinema, other highlights on the official list include Josh Brolin’s face & Megan Fox’s accent in “Jonah Hex” being nominated for Worst Screen Couple, while Jessica Alba scores a Worst Supporting Actress nomination for her roles in four films rather than the traditional one. George Lopez and Jackson Rathbone also scored Worst Supporting Actor nominations for their work in multiple films.