Glenn Close Game For A “Guardians” Sequel

It’s a small role, but Glenn Close is obviously having a ball with her few scenes as Nova Prime in the recently released “Guardians of the Galaxy”. In an interview with USA Today, the actress spoke about her enjoyment of working on the project.

She tells the paper: “It reminded me of the original Star Wars in that it introduced this great cast but it also had this offhand ‘We don’t take ourselves so seriously’ aspect of it. You don’t only get introduced into this wonderful world that has a look all unto its own, but the characters make you laugh. You feel some sort of empathy toward them, and people love that and want it.”

Close says that due to her many serious roles of late, she is not offered fun roles like Nova Prime often and so jumps on them when they come around: “I just have to let people know that I always have been up for anything. I love to do stuff that’s different. That’s what I love.”

She does love her character’s crazy hair though: “It’s so out there, I don’t know if people will like this one, but it’s really great. Now I’ve really bought into it. This is a great sculpture, a whimsy on my head. I like to think that Nova Prime has that in her, and hopefully we’ll be able to see that in the future.”

Asked about the potential for her to reprise her role, she says: “When you play a character who they love and are amused by, hopefully they’ll see more of you. Especially at this point in my career, it’s fantastic. To be in the beginning of literally a whole new universe for people is really fun.”