Glenn Beck Hoping For “Noah” To Fail

The first reviews for Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” are out and the reaction is unsurprisingly mixed. Preview audiences and film critics of various religious and secular backgrounds are divided over the film. Some of the most negative reviews have been interesting – praising aspects of the movie, yet also calling it the filmmaker’s worst film.

One person who outright hates the film, though he admits he hasn’t seen it yet, is former Fox News correspondent turned right-leaning media pundit Glenn Beck according to THR.

Talking to his ten million listeners Friday morning, Beck says “I haven’t seen it nor will I, because it’s a slap in the face” he said before reading out portions of a trade paper review. He goes on to say:

“This movie, if it becomes successful – if we take our churches and we all go and everything else – our children will look at that as being the Noah story, and no matter what you say, they will believe this version over the version that mommy and daddy are telling them or that old, dusty Bible is telling them, because this one will come alive in their imaginations. It is dangerous disinformation.

[Noah] is being packaged as if it will look and feel like it must have felt and looked. And no thank you. No thank you. I’m not putting that into my mind, and more importantly I’m not putting it into my kids’ minds. I hope that Noah is a massive failure. I hope it is a massive, massive failure. If it fails, here’s the next thing that will happen – Hollywood will say, ‘you just can’t make Biblical films because there’s no appetite for them.’ No, you make them to reflect the truth.”

The comments come despite various religious leaders praising the film, such as former ambassador to the Vatican Raymond Flynn and Focus on the Family’s president Jim Daly.