Glen Powell On “Captain Planet” Current Status

Glen Powell On Captain Planet Current Status

He’s tall and buff, but actor Glen Powell has also earned himself a reputation for self-deprecation and strong talent with notable supporting roles in the likes of “Everybody Wants Some!,” “Hidden Figures,” “Sand Castle,” and TV’s “Scream Queens” along with recently starring as the lead in “Set It Up”.

You may be less aware though that he’s also a writer and producer and one of his most recent gigs has seen him co-writing the screenplay for the live-action reboot of hit 1990s animated series “Captain Planet”. First announced back in late 2016, the project is set up at Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions.

The original series centered on five young people from around the world who were given magical rings that had the power to control natural elements. United, they can summon Captain Planet, a climate-focused superhero who helps them fight against environmental evils.

Jono Matt is co-writing the script with Powell with the pair planning a subversive take on the material, one set years after the show and now has Captain as a washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him. Speaking with THR this week, Powell offered an update on the current development of the project:

“They’ve tried to make it into a superhero movie before, but they kind of did like an earnest take and ours is way more subversive and fun and like dark and irreverent… Sometimes you have to think of these things logically. If you have a blue superhero with a green mullet, you can’t do like an earnest take on that. You have to go at it from a fun [direction]… It’s been an interesting process and it’s taken a long time but now we’re getting that up and going and we’re really stoked about it.”

Powell is presently busy filming “Top Gun: Maverick,” the actor losing out on an audition to play Goose’s son in the film (Miles Teller got that part) but the producers liked him so much they cast him in another role and then re-wrote the script to beef up his part.