Gleeson On “Last Jedi” Abuse-Criticism Divide

Gleeson On Last Jedi Abuse Criticism Divide

At the start of the Summer, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” actress Kelly Marie Tran left social media in the wake of many months of racist and sexist comments aimed at her and her involvement in the Lucasfilm sci-fi franchise.

Co-star Daisy Ridley and director Rian Johnson were also (and in Johnson’s case is still) on the receiving end of cyberbullying and abuse tactics that have led to the backlash against the franchise’s ‘toxic fandom’ elements. Several co-stars have come to the defense of the film’s stars, and today that includes co-star Domhnall Gleeson aka General Hux who was blunt and offered a very reasonable response to HeyUGuys:

“People having an opinion about the film is absolutely fine. You pay your money, and you’re allowed to have an opinion. The stuff with Kelly was bulls–t. That’s a different thing altogether, so those people are just morons. Those people are just a–holes. It’s a different level of stuff. You don’t buy that when you buy your tickets. I thought the piece she wrote was amazing and I’ve got huge respect for her. I thought she dealt with it as classily as an unclassy situation can call for.”

If there’s one thing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has done, it has shown the line between constructive criticism and personal attacks seems to be thinner than many think it is. The comment also comes as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” co-scribe Jon Kasdan says on Twitter that a sequel to that film is essentially impossible now and a big challenge is a simple fact tgar these films cost so much to make and so have to appeal so widely and so far. He says: “I think there are great Star Wars movies to be made that don’t need to cost quite so much.”

J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode IX” is currently in production.