Glee Return A Major Ratings Smash

The return of the hit comedy/musical series on Tuesday night in the U.S. saw its ratings rise from strong cult success to bonafide mainstream major hit.

The first thirteen episodes of the series last Fall pulled in 7.95 million viewers on average with the highest audience being 9.6 million viewers for the pilot.

Now with an “American Idol” lead-in and considerable awareness of the series boosted by DVD sales, the Spring season premiere pulled in a whopping 13.66 million viewers overnight reports Zap2It.

The online world has also been abuzz this past 24 hours over a rather brilliantly executed almost shot-for-shot homage to the now iconic David Fincher-directed 1990 music video for Madonna’s “Vogue”.

Many sites have embedded the Hulu version which can’t be seen outside the U.S. while Youtube is being ruthless with removing anyone posting full copies of it. However it appears as if everyone who wants to can get to see it via the show’s official site.

Back in January the supposed set list of next week’s Madonna-themed episode of “Glee” leaked and will apparently include performances of “Express Yourself,” “What It Feels for a Girl,” “Crazy for You,” “Open Your Heart To Me,” “Burning Up,” “Like a Virgin” and “Like A Prayer”.

Considering her vast catalogue of songs, that’s only the tip of the iceberg – can we hope for another Madge-related episode down the line?