Glasses-Free 3D For “Avatar 2”? Not So Fast

While there were a few modern 3D films before it, it was with the first “Avatar” in 2009 that cinema exhibition really embraced the modern take on 3D technology. With the upcoming sequels starting in 2020, they might embrace the next logical step – glasses-free 3D.

Inquisitr (via Screenrant) reports that Lightstorm Entertainment is set to extend its partnership with Christie Digital, who manufacture a new RGB laser projection system, with both companies working working toward making the four “Avatar” sequels available in glasses-free 3D.

This new projection system has been described as ‘pure laser’ and can use 60,000 lumens to provide bright images at incredibly high frame rates. Whether they can deliver glasses-free 3D though is more questionable.

Cameron has been talking up the tech for nearly a year, but this article (which ultimately sources Inside The Magic) is speculative at best. The tech remains mostly under wraps (and likely untested) on top of which the infrastructure costs and feasibility of providing it to cinemas around the world would be a big concern should it go forward.

Production on the films is slated to begin this September.