Give Some Padalecki This Christmas

Jared Padalecki, that 6’5″ cool drink of water that stars in “Supernatural,” has been cast as Thomas Kinkade in Lionsgate’s “The Christmas Cottage”.

Based on the life of Kinkade and his painting of the same name, Padalecki plays one of America’s most collected living artists who used his gift as an artist to portray his life-affirming values and explore the world around him.

Peter O’Toole will play Glen Wessler, a painter based on one of Kinkade’s mentors. Michael Campus will direct the film which begins shooting this month in Vancouver and Whistler. A late 2007 release is planned.

The film is part of an intended three-picture deal between Lionsgate and Kinkade. The next two films, also planned with Padalecki as Kinkade, will be based on other paintings and reflect different points in Kinkade’s life.