Girls Sixth Season To Be Its Last

Lena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO’s often talked about comedy series “Girls,” says that the show is planning to likely wrap up in its sixth season.

Speaking about the show, which has aired four seasons so far with a fifth coming next year, Dunham was asked about her long term plan for the show by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show this week. She said six seasons is the plan for now:

“Never say never, but that is the way that we’re thinking about it right now, and we’re starting to think about sort of how to wrap up the storylines of these particular young women.

It’s really exciting. I started working on this show when I was 23. I’m going to be 30, so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world. I think America has a tendency to push shows past their due dates. I like the British model – in and out.”

That might not be the end for Hannah and company though as Dunham revealed she was curious about the show returning a decade down the line: “I have fantasies of us all coming back when we’re 40. We’d want to wait long enough for something to have really gone down.”

Source: EW