Gilroy Paid Well To Fix “Rogue One” Ending

Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has just wrapped post-production with the first press invites in the U.S. sent out this week – a mere two weeks before the film is slated for release worldwide.

It was down to the wire but Lucasfilm got there after a rough few months wrestling the film into shape following extensive reshoots with the help of ‘Bourne’ series scribe Tony Gilroy. More details about Gilroy’s involvement in the project emerged today in a THR article about his deal.

It turns out his pay for the film grew from $200,000 a week to a total of just over $5 million as his work on the spin-off expanded. Initially he was brought in back in June to just polish some dialogue and scenes for the reshoots.

However the workload and reshoots expanded, Gilroy then took a leading role with Edwards in post-production and helped fix several issues including the ending. Ultimately his paycheck expanded as his work on the film stretched from June until well into the Fall.

We’ll see the results for ourselves when ‘Rogue One’ opens December 16th.

Source: Heat Vision