Gillian Anderson A “Who” Villain?

A British tabloid rumor about “Doctor Who” is about as reliable as one about James Bond from the same publication, yet on the rare occasion they’ve gotten things quite right.

Two years ago the tabloids reported that original UK “Life on Mars” and “State of Play” star John Simm was going to play The Doctor’s old nemesis The Master at the end of the then upcoming third season, and that acclaimed actor Derek Jacobi would also play a key part. The rumor proved 100% correct.

Today, The Telegraph is reporting that former “The X-Files” star and now UK resident Gillian Anderson is being pursued to play a villain in an episode of the fifth season of the show airing in 2010. The so-called insider says the most likely role would be The Doctor’s other Time Lord rival, The Rani.

Kate O’Mara previously played the exiled Time Lady who commits insidious experiments in the name of her research. Since ‘Who’ was revived in 2005 however, rumors of The Rani casting have proven fruitless in the past with the likes of “Footballers Wives” star Zoe Lucker being linked by the tabloids years ago.

Also unknown at present is if the most notable of the remaining ‘Who-verse’ alien races not yet introduced, such as the Ice Warriors or the Silurians/Sea Devils, will be included in the fifth season which sees a new Doctor (Matt Smith) and showrunner (Stephen Moffat). Filming on the fifth season kicks off in a few months.

Anderson is about to star alongside former Doctor Christopher Eccleston on stage in “A Doll’s House”.